1. Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Collections Agency

    At some point or another, your medical practice could probably use the help of a collections agency. Most medical practices will need to hire a collections agency at one point or another. However, many practices don't take the leap to hire a collection agency, and they attempt to handle it all thems…Read More

  2. Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Managing Revenue Cycle

    If your practice is like most, there's a good chance that you are making costly revenue management mistakes without even realizing it! In this day and age, doctors have to know a lot, and not just about how to take the best possible care of their patients, as most people assume. In order to run a su…Read More

  3. How to Find the Right Collections Agency

    Not all collections agencies are made equal. Hiring a collections agency is often the last resort for businesses trying to recover unpaid bills or past-due amounts, but it's important to know that some collections agencies are better suited for the job than others. Collections can be tricky, and in …Read More

  4. Creative Ways Providers are Making it Easier for Patients to Pay

    Making it easier for your patients to pay their medical bills is in your best interest. Taking a patient-friendly approach to collections is just as beneficial for the success of your business as it is for your patients. Why? Because most of your patients don't want to owe you money, but for some re…Read More

  5. What Holds Patients Back From Paying Their Medical Bills?

    There are so many reasons why patients don't pay their medical bills. Do you find yourself losing revenue in your practice to unpaid medical bills, no matter how hard you work? If so, you've come to the right place. We are American Collection Systems, and we are proud to be Wyoming's premier collect…Read More

  6. Understanding Revenue Cycle Management

    If you work in a healthcare facility, you likely use the healthcare revenue cycle to stay on top of patient billing. If you notice productivity decreasing across staff members, it could be related to your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), which allows businesses to effectively track and process health…Read More

  7. Common Tales About Revenue Cycle Management

    The revenue cycle is the same in all healthcare facilities as an aid to bring in revenue for the services you are providing. Hospital revenue cycle management (RCM) is the same in a local health department or community health center. Assumptions are still held about public health entities in regards…Read More

  8. Why Harassing Clients Doesn’t Get Them to Pay Their Bills (And What Will)

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act went into effect in 1977. The act sought to end the abusive tactics that debt collectors employed to try to scare people into paying their bad debts. While the act did a lot to stop harassment from debt collectors and give consumers a way to fight back, there a…Read More