• Of all of the collection agencies in Wyoming, American Collection Systems Inc (ASCI) was the first.

  • Not only has the owner of ASCI worked in the industry since 1999, but, for many years, he was a board member of the Associated Collection Agencies in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, and he’s even served two terms as President.

  • ASCI’s top 13 department employees have more than 145 years of combined experience in collections.

  • We are proud to say that our collection rate is two to three times higher than the national average.

  • The rules and regulations that govern the billing and collection industry are ever-changing, but our team is dedicated to ensuring that our practices are always in compliance.

  • In most collection agencies, collectors are driven by commission. But, we believe that this commission-based system leads to bias, and prevents all clients from receiving the same attention to detail and effort. That’s why, here at ACSI, our collectors aren’t commission-driven, and they give the same level of attention to each and every client, no matter how big or small the account is.

  • We won’t harass your patients or customers; we’ll make personal phone calls so that we can have a sincere discussion to find a solution that works for them to successfully pay off what they owe.

  • We use Roydan software that has been top-rated for improving productivity through a customizable database that makes it possible to collect, track and maintain client information safely.

  • Our client’s security is always at the top of our priority list, and to ensure that security, our billing and collection database server is hosted by ISCorp. ISCorp utilizes many different protocols aimed at enhanced security, and they regularly test for vulnerabilities to identify theft, data breaches and credit card fraud through vulnerability assessments.

  • Though we specialize in providing our billing and collections services in the Rocky Mountain Region, we can meet your billing and collection throughout the United States.

  • Unlike most collections agencies, we have our own legal department that is adept at both locating assets and taking any legal actions necessary for our collectors to be successful.

  • We are dedicated to building meaningful relationships with our clients; that’s why we have a client services department. This department is dedicated to answering any and all questions you may have, as well as serving not only your needs now, but any potential needs that may arise in the future.

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