Meet Wyoming’s Collection Specialists

Established in 1963, American Collection Systems, Inc. (ACSI) has been Wyoming’s premier billing and debt collection company for more than 50 years. Our headquarters are in Laramie, Wyoming, and we primarily serve the Rocky Mountain region. However, we have the ability to provide our billing and collection services across the entire United States. Our services include in-depth bad debt collection processes and full-service billing solutions. We work closely with consumers on your behalf, and we’ll always go the extra mile to provide you with the support you need — resulting in a proven track record of achieving high recovery rates for our clients.

Billing Services Customized to Your Needs

At ACSI, we specialize in helping companies adapt and thrive in an ever-changing financial management environment. No other company is better equipped to handle your needs, as we have extensive knowledge in the technological and regulatory sphere, and experience assisting companies with revenue cycle management.  Our billing solutions are designed to maximize your cash flow and revenue, while simultaneously lowering the number of accounts that need to be sent to full collections. Here are some of the can’t-miss customizable features of our one-of-a-kind billing program:

  • Claim preparation and submission
  • Follow-up on insurance claims
  • Appeals oversight and denial
  • Payment posting and EOB
  • User-friendly client portal
  • EMR software and support
  • Clearinghouse software and support
  • Revenue cycle consultations
  • A/R cleanup projects

Self-Pay / Early Out Services

We know how much of a struggle it can be to collect the patient portion on your billing accounts, but our system streamlines the process for you. We send notices to your patients and make conciliatory phone calls to arrange payment. With our system, you can rest assured that payment plans are followed through and honored until the balance has been paid in full. The self-pay services are a strong last line of defense, and they have the desirable effect of sharply reducing the number of accounts that go to full collections, as well as the need to go to full collections.

In-Depth Collection Services

We are proud to say that our collection department is highly skilled, experienced, and ready to recover even the toughest accounts. We work closely with consumers to find solutions to getting balances paid off as quickly as possible. Balances are reported to the credit bureaus, and through our fine-tuned skip-tracing techniques we can find consumers who have relocated and find assets that can be pursued through court litigation. Unlike most collection agencies, we have an in-house legal team, giving us the ability to garnish both bank accounts and wages, and to file property liens; all without sending to an outsourced attorney’s office. Our collection efforts do not stop when it gets difficult. Where other offices will return disputed accounts, ACSI will process consumer disputes (in full compliance with regulations) and proceed to collect with minimal interruption to our client.

Our Promise

Whether you turn to us for billing, self-pay or collection services, you can rest assured that we will work relentlessly to meet your needs. We are dedicated to earning your satisfaction with everything we do and exceed your expectations. We treat each and every consumer with the dignity and respect they deserve, and work one-on-one with them to get their balances paid. If your billing or collection systems could be improved, let us help you make it successful and effective. Contact us today to find the right solution for you. We are excited to help!